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Under the leadership of the school party committee,school administration and the headmaster,the teaching quality monitoring center carries out its work according to the needs of school education development and teaching reform. The main work is gradually establish and improve the teaching qualityControland security system,mainly responsible for undergraduate teaching qualityControl, teaching supervision, teaching quality evaluation and valuation.

I.Basic Duties

1.Implementthe Party's and the state's line, principles and policies, implementthe spirit ofthe directives,decision-making decisions andimplementthe resolutionsof the school's party committee and school administration.

2.Establish and improve the school'steaching qualityControlandsecuritysystem, formulate and improve the school'steaching quality monitoring and management system, andcomply with the regulations according to low.

3.Responsible for theschoolundergraduate teaching qualitymonitoring work, organize research,collectteaching information, analysis and feedback, organize scientific researchworkonteaching qualitymonitoring.

4. Responsible for organizingand implementingthe daily and periodic dynamic monitoring of the main teaching links, organizingtheundergraduate teaching inspection withtherelevant departments; formulatingand improvingthe schoollistening managementsystem, arrangingtheschool leaders to attend classes; and be responsible for the management of student informantsofficers.

5.Responsible for the daily work of the school teaching supervision committee, establish and improve theteaching supervisionwork mechanism, formulate and improvethe teaching supervision workregulations; be responsible for the organization and coordination of the whole school's teaching supervision work, organizetheimplementof school-level supervision.

6.Responsible forteachingevaluationindicators system and implementation plan,like professionalevaluation,curriculumevaluationand organize theimplementation ;organize thethird-party evaluation of teaching quality.

7.Responsible for the datacollectionof the National Data Platform forQualityMonitoringof higher educationand complete the annual quality report of the school.

8.Responsible for formulating andimprovingthe evaluation methods of undergraduate teaching quality, and organizing evaluationworks.

9.Responsible for organizing theselectionofschoolteachers'teaching quality awards, participating invarious evaluations,appraisals inundergraduate teachingevaluationand teaching.

10. Do otherworkintheschool'spartycommittee and the school administration.

II.DepartmentsSet Up

1. Teaching Monitoring and Supervisory Department (new)

2. Teaching Quality Evaluation Section (new)



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